This is the English dub for Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GoGo.


  • Nozomi Yumehara/Cure Dream - Nicole Olivera/Cure Dream
  • Rin Natsuki/Cure Rouge - Rena Naderson/Cure Rouge
  • Urara Kasugano/Cure Lemonade - Melanie Love/Cure Lemonade
  • Komachi Akimoto/Cure Mint - Claire Audrey/Cure Mint
  • Karen Minazuki/Cure Aqua - Karen Simone/Cure Aqua
  • Milk/Kurumi Mimino - Milk/Kimberly Rose/Milky Rose
  • Koji Kokoda/Coco - Conner Cromwell/Coco
  • Mr. Natts/Nuts - Neil Ferguson/Nuts
  • Shiroh Amai/Syrup - Samuel Adams/Syrup
  • Mailpo -
  • Queen Bavarois - Queen Beatrice
  • Eternal - Eternal
  • Scorp -
  • Nebatakos -
  • Bunbee - Bartram
  • Mucardia -
  • Isohgin & Yadokhan -
  • Shibiretta -
  • Anacondy -
  • Boss -
  • Hoshina - Hoshina
  • Mika Masuko - Mika Martinson
  • Megumi Yumehera - Margaret Olivera
  • Kazuyo Natsuki - Krista Naderson
  • Ai Natsuki - Ana Naderson
  • Yu Natsuki - Jay Naderson
  • Madoka Akimoto - Meryl Audrey
  • Sakamoto - Samson


All: Pretty Cure, Metamorphosis!

Milk/Kimberly: Skyrose Translate!

Pretty Cure 5 Introductory Speeches

Cure Dream: "The great power of hope, I am Cure Dream!"
Cure Rouge: "The red flame of passion, I am Cure Rouge!"
Cure Lemonade: "The effervescence of bursting lemon, Cure Lemonade!"
Cure Mint: "The green earth of tranquility, I'm Cure Mint!"
Cure Aqua: "The blue spring of intelligence, I am Cure Aqua!"
All: "With the power of hope bonding with our future! Five unique hearts, beating as one! Yes! Pretty Cure 5!"
Milky Rose: "The Blue Rose marks the symbol of a secret, I am Milky Rose!"


  • Cure Dream: Pretty Cure Shooting Star!
  • Cure Rouge: Pretty Cure Fire Strike!
  • Cure Lemonade: Pretty Cure Prism Chain!
  • Cure Mint: Pretty Cure Emerald Saucer!
  • Cure Aqua: Pretty Cure Sapphire Arrow!
  • Milky Rose: The power of evil shall be engulfed in glittering roses! Milky Rose Blizzard!
  • Milky Rose: Let the shining rose burst, and envelop the evil power! Milky Rose Metal Blizzard!

Rainbow Rose Explosion

Coco: The Power of Pretty Cure!

Cure Dream: Crystal Fleuret, the light of hope!
Cure Rouge: Fire Fleuret, the light of passion!
Cure Lemonade: Shining Fleuret, the effervescent light!
Cure Mint: Protect Fleuret, the light of tranquility!
Cure Aqua: Tornado Fleuret, the light of intelligence!
Cure Dream: Let our five unique lights ...
Cure Rouge, Lemonade, Mint and Aqua: ... be united as one!
All: Pretty Cure Rainbow Rose Explosion!


  1. The Return of Pretty Cure 5 (Part 1)
  2. The Return of Pretty Cure 5 (Part 2)

Voice Actors

Nicole Olivera/Cure Dream: Kerry Williams
Rena Naderson/Cure Rouge: Erica Mendez
Melanie Love/Cure Lemonade: Maryke Hendrikse
Claire Audrey/Cure Mint: Amanda Miller
Karen Simone/Cure Aqua: Cristina Valenzuela
Milk/Kimberly Rose/Milky Rose: Cherami Leigh
Chris Cromwell/Coco: Johnny Yong Bosch
Neil Ferguson/Nuts: Robbie Daymond
Samuel Adams/Syrup: Bryce Papenbrook

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