Tinalover24/Pretty_konjiki/Rachelberrry is a curefic author kkk heres a biography

My real name is Sarah ive been into precure for more than 5 years since i was 13 (time sure flys huh) My grammer isn't the greatest but im working on it

Stuff about me


Age: 18 (almost 19)

From: Northeastern Ohio

Other Fandoms: (active) Hetalia, Legend Of Korra and Avatar, Skyward Sword, Glee, Shaun The Sheep, Animal Crossing, Rosario+Vampire

Other places you can find me:

Neopets:Sarah57291 (currentally on hiatus but will be back soon)

Tumblr Sassygayghirahim

Lj: rachelberrry

Wikispaces: Ghirahimfabray

She has as of now 5 series and multiple aus

this page is still under construction