Terada Mimori
寺田 未森 Terada Mimori
SeasonOlympus Pretty Cure
Eye ColorCobalt blue
Hair ColorCardinal red
Home PlaceTennenseki
Japanese Voice ActorNanjo Yoshino
 Terada Mimori (寺田 未森 Terada Mimori) is a supporting character in Olympus Pretty Cure. She is a third year student and vice-president of the student council.


Minori has short red hair with two locks on either side of her head that curl upward, resembling a ram's horns. She is often seen wearing her school uniform, with no alterations or modifications. She normally wears a green armband on her left shoulder that identifies her as a member of the student council.

When it is revealed that her family owns the Four Beasts eatery, she can sometimes be seen wearing a dark blue qipao.


Minori is an unassuming girl, easier to approach compared to Haruka, but has a seductive side. Despite flirting with many of the boys in her class, she truly only has eyes for the president; but is unable to approach him in any meaningful way.


Mimori has had a crush on Haruka ever since they entered middle school, but she has often hit on other boys as well. Overtime she develops deeper feelings for him, but still maintains her flirtatious habits.


Minowa Haruka - He is oblivious to her swooning, only seeing her as a diligent worker.

Kaburagi Hatoko -

Hirai Shinya -