Suzumiya Gaika
鈴宮凱歌 Suzumiya Gaika
SeasonHappiness Charge Pretty Cure! (Gleenjection!)
Eye ColorReddish brown (Gaika)

Vermillion (Cure Chime)

Hair ColorBlack (Gaika)

White (Cure Chime)

Home PlacePikarigaoka
RelativesSuzumiya Toshiki (father)

Suzumiya Ayana (mother)
Suzumiya Jabari (baby brother)

Alter EgoCure Chime
Theme ColorSilver (main, standard)

Beige (main, Applesauce Salsa)
White (main, Parfait Shimmy)
Red (sub, standard and Applesauce Salsa)
Green (sub, Applesauce Salsa)
Pink (sub, Parfait Shimmy)

Suzumiya Gaika (鈴宮凱歌 Suzumiya Gaika) is a fancharacter created by Cure Shabon for the canon season Happiness Charge Pretty Cure!. She appears in the author's retelling of the season, Gleenjection!. Her alter ego is Cure Chime (キュアチャイム Kyua Chaimu), and she, like the other main Cures of the season, has two Form Changes, Applesauce Salsa (アップルソースサルサ Appurusōsu Sarusa) and Parfait Shimmy (パフェシミー Pafe Shimī).


Gaika is Afro-Asian -- specifically, born from a Japanese father and an African mother -- as evidenced by certain features like her very dark skin and prominent lips. She has neck-length black hair, some of it tied in a braid wrapped across her scalp, and reddish brown eyes.

As Cure Chime, her hair turns white and lengthens, now being tied in long braided twintails held together by red ribbons with silver sleigh bells in the center, while some strands are tied in thin dreadlocks hanging over her shoulders. Her eyes turn a vermillion color, and she wears bright red lipstick.




  • Bonnie: Her fairy partner, and source of her PreCards.
  • Blue: The source of her powers as a Pretty Cure; she doesn't really get to meet him until she joins the Happiness Charge team, but finds him pretty pleasant from the little she's seen of him.
  • Aino Megumi, Shirayuki Hime and Omori Yuko: Her fellow Pretty Cures. She is in good terms with all three of them, in particular Yuko, as the two joined forces once before Megumi and Hime found out about Cure Honey's existance; it was from that encounter that Yuko got the Popcorn Cheer Form Change PreCards, which were produced by Bonnie.

Cure ChimeEdit

"A glittering bell clearing the skies of gray! Cure Chime!"
Kumorizora o shōkyo, kirakira suzu! Kyua Chaimu!

Cure Chime (キュアチャイム Kyua Chaimu) is the alter ego of Gaika. She is represented by bells, and has the power of optimism. Like all of the season's Cures who had their transformations shown, she transforms with the phrase "Kawarunrun! Pretty Cure Kururin Mirror Change!".

Applesauce SalsaEdit

Applesauce Salsa (アップルソースサルサ Appurusōsu Sarusa) is one of the two main Form Changes Cure Chime can use.

Parfait ShimmyEdit

Parfait Shimmy (パフェシミー Pafe Shimī) is one of the two main Form Changes Cure Chime can use.



Suzumiya (鈴宮) - A suzu is a round, hollow Japanese Shinto bell that contains pellets that sound when agitated, and is somewhat like a jingle bell in form, though the materials produce a coarse, rolling sound. Miya (宮) means palace or temple.

Gaika (凱歌) - Gai (凱) means victory and Ka (歌) means song