South Star Fomalhaut/Allecto
南星フォーマルハウト Nansei Fōmaruhauto
SeasonOlympus Pretty Cure
Eye ColorDeep red
Hair ColorTurquoise
Home PlaceOlympia/Tennin Shrine
Japanese Voice ActorTsukimoto Koko

South Star Fomalhaut (南星フォーマルハウト Nansei Fōmaruhauto) is one of the antagonists of Olympus Pretty Cure. She is one of the Horoscorb guardians that have been corrupted into a Royal Star by Nemesis. Her true form is Alecto, who guards the Garnet Horoscorb and ends her sentences with "~kuto". As a human, her name is Minamiyama Uroko (南山 うろこ Minamiyama Uroko).


Fomalhaut resembles a slim bipedal human covered with raspberry red scales, dark red eyes, and webbed hands. She wears an elaborate dress-like robe and has wispy blue hair that reaches to her knees. She carries around a large amphora with aqua-blue wave patterns that she calls "tapu-chan". "Tapu-chan's" lip can expand and twist itself into a variety of shapes, and has cartoony googly-eyes at the bottom lining.

As Uroko, she resembles an 18-21 year old young woman with turquoise hair shaped like a cirrus cloud that is decorated with golden stars, a small beauty mark on her left cheek, and magenta eyes. She is normally dressed in a trendy sholderless white blouse worn overneath a flowing red dress that reaches to her knees and dark red sandals.

Her true form as Alecto resembles a raspberry-red mermaid with turquoise hair and a red Aquarius symbol on her forehead. She normally wears a magenta scarf fastened with a garnet gemstone clip, and is almost always seen clutching "Tapu-chan" in her arms and her tail.


Fomalhaut is the most emotionally immature of any of the Royal Stars, even though her Uroko guise is physically older than Katsumi. She easily throws temper tantrums and pouts whenever things do not go her way. She can be even more sadistic than Katsumi in instances like those. She is rather materialistic, obsessed with getting her hands on any shiny object that catches her eye. She also hunts for attractive young men.


Alecto, being a Horoscorb guardian originally had no actual personality. She was the most naive of any of them, slow to develop any sense of rationality.


Nemesis -

East Star Aldebaran -

North Star Regulus -

West Star Antares -

Hirai Shinya -

Small Lady Andromeda -


Fomalhaut can store an unlimited number of items inside of her vase, whether it be useless trinkets or useful tools that can come in handy in certain situations, but cannot store living objects. She summons her Kataina by fusing random objects in her vase, and sometimes resorts to dumping some of her hoards onto her opponents. 

Being aligned with the element of air, she can pull empty space out of her vase and erect invisible walls, and can also use clouds to trap people inside pocket dimensions or increase gravity.