This is a page for Cure Shabon's hypothetical English dub ideas for the canon series Smile Pretty Cure!.

Edits and ChangesEdit

Main Names and TermsEdit

Any unmentioned names/terms are left unchanged.

  • Hoshizora Nara → Nala Horegallo
  • Hoshizora Sora → Saly Horegallo
  • Hoshizora Ouji → Oudi Horegallo
  • Hoshizora Daisuke → Daynute Horegallo
  • Hoshizora Miyuki- Miyani Hothidary
  • Hoshizora Karou → Kilay Hothidary
  • Hino Genka → Gelra Hira
  • Hino Akane → Alane Hira
  • Kise Gonard → Gayerd Kise
  • Kise Yayoi → Iaiay Kise
  • Midorikawa Seki → Sesi Milarkyanna
  • Midorikawa Nao → Nea Milarkyanna
  • Aoki Junnosuke → Jakkesune Aoki
  • Aoki Reika → Reyna Aoki
  • Wolfrun
  • Joker
  • Happy Shower
  • Shining Punch
  • Sunny Fire
  • Burning Wish
  • Peace Thunder
  • Electric Shock
  • March Shoot
  • Courage Whirlwind
  • Beauty Blizzard
  • Love-Me Arrow
  • Rainbow Burst → Absolutely Selfless Respectful Dear Mandala
  • Royal Rainbow Burst → Royal Phoenix Rainbow Cutie Happiness Fantasy
  • Miracle Rainbow Burst → Sparkling Miracle Wide Love And Beauty Pressure
  • Nanairogaoka → Rainbow Hills, New Jersey

Series-wise ChangesEdit

  • Episodes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 20, 25, 26, 28, 29, 32, 33, 34, 37, 38, 39, 43, are left undubbed, due to reasons such as heavy Japanese themes, jokes that wouldn't translate well, a little violence, anger moments and even heavy filler material, comparing the original dub in which reasons such as heavy Japanese themes, jokes that wouldn't translate well, a little violence, anger moments and even heavy filler material have all scared those who are younger and "those who have a nervous disposition", giving the dub a total of 22 episodes, whist the original has 48 and the series is now split in two seasons, with 27 (9 in the dub) as the first season finale and episode 48 (12 in the dub) as the second season finale, despite it being the cures, Candy and Pop's official debut and the show is also even given a TV-Y rating, despite it being an english dub. That's about 26 episodes cut out in total.
  • All scenes regarding both clocks counting down to Trionfo's arrival are cut, including the ones featuring Joker at the start of 21 and end of 22. This is probably to make it easier to leave episodes undubbed without affecting the overall plotline.
  • After 32 (2 in the dub), at least all the transformation phrases, the individual speeches, attack intactations and even the group phrases are all cut out entirely. That's about only 9 episodes altogether and a lot of time for the speeches, intacations and phrases to be omitted in the dub in total.
  • Also, unlike the original and yet like all the original Pretty Cure english dub, the other Pretty Cure hypothetical english dubs, excluding Max Heart, Splash Star, Yes!, GoGo!, Suite, and most of the other fanmade Pretty Cure series, etc., the school bits, including the one in 32 where Minnie wakes up after her dream in school, are all cut out as the dub actually states that all the cures have already got "multiple star" cards, meaning that they no longer go to to school forever and it seems that they also never got homeschooled and surprisingly don't have any homework at all.
  • Contrasting the original version, the dub actually states why Pop has to stay in Märchenland is because he's the captain of the royal guards, and has to stay as long as Trionfo is around. Despite this, he is also still occasionally allowed to have days off, as seen in episode 6 (1 in the dub).

Episode ListEdit

Season 1Edit

  1. So Uh, Is This How We Are Now?
  2. D-D-D-Drop the Base
  3. Butterfly Kisses
  4. Wish Upon a Star
  5. What D'You Mean "It's Not Over Yet"?!
  6. So Much for a Happy Ending
  7. The Story Starts Anew
  8. Reminiscing With The Kids' Elder Relative

Season 2Edit

  1. The Pretty Cure World Tour
  2. Flight of the Phoenix
  3. Happy Robot Märchen Team Smile Force Is Go Go Go!
  4. Burning Love
  5. Something About the Sunshine
  6. Inkheart Irene
  7. Sister Act
  8. Wait, Are You Talking About The Pursuit of Ultra Happiness?
  9. Breaking Bad End
  10. Reflections of Evil
  11. The Emperor's Last Stand
  12. Ultra Happily Ever After (Series Finale)

Voice CastEdit

Character English VA
Miyani Hothidary Emilie-Claire Barlow
Alane Hira Colleen Villard
Iaiay Kise Jessica DiCicco
Nea Milarkyanna Rachel Wilson
Reyna Aoki Megan Fahlenblock
Candy Stephanie Sheh
Pop Roger Craig Smith
Wolfrun Sam Riegel
Joker Kirk Thornton
Akanbe Andrew Sabiston


While most of the original BGM is kept intact, the dub is given its own brand-new opening theme: "Our Story Starts Anew", performed by the voice actresses of the five Cures, and played over a montage of clips from the show, with different clips used for season 2 and its second own brand-new opening theme: Shrillex's Cinema (Benny Benassi song). Meanwhile, the ending sequence is cut out entirely, and instead the end credits are played in front of clips from the episode over its brand-new ending "Right Here In My Arms". During the final episodes of season 2, Shrillex's Cinema (Benny Benassi song) is replaced with "Don't Ever let Me Go" and "Right Here In My Arms" is replaced with "So Much For The Endless Tears", and in the series finale, the show's third own brand-new ending, "Always Fragments Of A Star", is used.


  • Smile Pretty Cure's Hypothetical English Dub is the shortest season ever with Season 1 having only 8 episodes and Season 2 having 12 episodes. That's only about 22 episodes altogether dubbed in english hypothetically in total.