Small Lady Andromeda
スモールレディーアンドロメダ Sumōru Redī Andoromeda
SeasonOlympus Pretty Cure
Eye ColorMint Green
Hair ColorPlum purple
Home PlaceOlympia
RelativesLord Cepheus (Father)

Lady Cassiopeia (Mother)

Japanese Voice ActorKanai Mika

Small Lady Andromeda (スモールレディーアンドロメダ Sumōru Redī Andoromeda) or simply Andromeda is a major character in Olympus Pretty Cure, The daughter of Lord Cepheus and Lady Cassiopeia destined to bring forth unparalleled prosperity to the entire universe upon her coming of age.


Being a newborn, Andromeda is tiny, her skin is bright purple; she has shoulder length dark purple hair, and a diamond on her forehead. Her bright green eyes reveal endless celestial bodies when people focus enough. She wears a brilliant white raiment with the royal crest around her neck.

When certain people look beyond the vision of stars in her eyes, they get glimpses of her future self. Her adult form is seen as a beautiful, angelic being with her purple hair sparkling when exposed to bright light. She wears a brilliant white raiment that flows gracefully.

However, even fewer people see a glimpse of another future. Where her hair is deep purple with crimson highlights that covers her left eye, and her right eye is a deep crimson. She is entirely clad in muted colors and has a semi-transparent scarf in the shape of a serpent surrounding her being.


Calliope's long lost sister had prophecized that Andromeda's birth would finally end all of the universe's ills and misfortunes. The moment she was born however, Nemesis had arrived several centuries early to kidnap her and corrupt her destined role.