Shimizu Ran
清水漣 Shimizu Ran
SeasonFutari wa Pretty Cure Splash Star
Eye ColorPine green
Hair ColorChartreuse
RelativesShimizu Ayase (father)

Shimizu Mamiko (mother)

Alter EgoCure Selkie
Theme ColorShamrock green (main)

Dark blue (sub) Green (sub)

Shimizu Ran is a fancharacter created by Cure Shabon for the canon season Futari wa Pretty Cure Splash Star. Her alter ego is Cure Selkie (キュアセルキー Kyua Serukī), representing the sea, and unlike Saki and Mai, she doesn't have a second Cure form.



Ran has messy shoulder-length chartreuse hair, tied with circular bobble scrunchies in low pigtails that rest above her shoulders. She also has pine green eyes and a gap in her front teeth, and normally wears glasses.

As Cure Selkie, her hair lengthens to ankle-length and is tied, at the bottom, with a heart-shaped scrunchie with fins emerging from the sides, as to resemble a ribbon. Both her hair and eye colors become a just barely lighter shade, and the glasses come off.


Cure SelkieEdit

"The glimmering crystalline waves! Cure Selkie!"


Honomeku kesshō no nami, Kyua Serukī!

Cure Selkie (キュアセルキー Kyua Serukī) is Ran's alter ego, blessed with the Fish power of the sea. Unlike Saki and Mai, Ran is able to transform by herself with the call "Pretty Cure Spiritual Power!".

Cure Selkie's fighting works more on defense, as she is able to predict the opponent's next attack and dodge it with ease. She can also create shields and barriers of water out of thin air, and exhibits a pale greenish aura. She bears the Fish symbol from Skippi on the back of her arm warmers. These symbols are always used for launching attacks, whether they be individual or with Bloom and Egret.


Shimizu (清水) is a common Japanese last name, with Shi (清) meaning clear, pure, clean or peaceful, and Mizu obviously meaning water. While Ran is a common Japanese female name, the symbol that is most commonly used for it (蘭) means orchid, whereas in this case the symbol used means flowing water or ripples. As such, Ran's whole name can mean, but does not directly translate into, "ripples on clear water".