Shadow Hunter Pretty Cure

シャドー ハンター プリキュア

Shadō Hantā Purikyua





Original Run



49 episodes


Four Horsemen! Pretty Cure


Fight Shadowhunters!


Vanity Rune

Shadow Hunter Pretty Cure is a series made by CureKanade.


When Hogaraka Paige encounters a superhero named Cure Hunter attacking a demon, she does expect a demon to appear in her house. Will Paige die from the attack of the demon or will she become a superhero like Cure Hunter?


Pretty Cure/ShadowhuntersEdit

Hogaraka Paige (朗らか ペイジ Hogaraka Peiji)/Cure Shadow (キュア シャドー Kyua Shadō)

Paige is a shy and cheerful 14 year old girl. She is a very sporty girl, soccer being her favourite sport, and can be a bit anti-social when reading. She is a bit of a klutz but is smart sometimes. She is a very good singer and can often worry a lot and hates Valentine. She dreams of being a super hero so much and saving the world with her bare hands. Her alter ego is Cure Shadow and her theme colour is purple.

Hiyakaya Ichiko (冷カヤ いちこ Hiyakaya Ichiko)/Cure Hunter (キュア ハンター Kyua Hantā)

Ichiko is a cold and mysterious 14 year old girl. She keeps to herself and is very anti-social and loves sitting all by herself and reading books with fighting in it. She can use a stele outside of battle and is very good at karate. She dreams of being the strongest fighter in the world and learns to accept Paige as her partner. Half-way through the show, she realises she loves Paige more than a friend. Her alter ego is Cure Hunter and her theme colour is blue.



Valentine (バレンタイン Barentain)

Valentine is the main villain of the show. He wants the mortal instruments to himself and loves his son Sebastian to pieces.

Sebastian (セバスチャン Sebasuchan)

Sebastian is Valentine's son and is very loyal to him. He has demon blood inside of him since he was born.

Lilith (リリス Ririsu)

Lilith is like a mother to Sebastian. She is a strong demon and enjoys watching humans die.

Demons (悪魔 Akuma)

The monsters of the show.




  • This series is based of the Mortal Instruments Series by Cassandra Clare.


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