Intoro: Unmei no Musume
Super Pretty Cure Time episode 02
"Intro: Daughter of Fate"
Publication date July 11th, 2012
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Opening Ready Go!
Ending Get You! Love Love?! ~Super Hero Remix~
Written by Kalle

"Intro: Daughter of Fate" (イントロ・運命の娘 Intoro: Unmei no Musume) is the second episode of Super Pretty Cure Time. It can be read here.


Kaori has a nightmare about being locked in a dark room with the bodies of her family and friends being turned into lifeless glass husks. When she attempts to reach out to them, she finds herself bound by chains and turned into glass herself, while a voice tells her to break away and fight. She manages to wake up from the nightmare and attempts to get ready for her usual school day, but she keeps finding herself troubled by what it could possibly mean and what the voice meant.

As Kaori meets with her friend Hibari to attend class and eat lunch with her, at an abandoned mansion in the woods, two members of the Neo-Checkmate Four discuss their latest "pawn" (really the Neo-Unicorn that was sent to collect life energy). Said pawn, having taken the form of a disheveled-looking man, menaces pedestrians in the city and drains their life force from them until they're nothing but crystal.

After gymnastics practice and a quick grocery run, Kaori stumbles across the bodies of the Neo-Unicorn's drained victims on the way home, and finds it menacing some high school girls after hearing their screams from a distance. Kaori manages to send the girls running home and attempts to fend off the monster, but finds herself overwhelmed until Barnabas comes flying into her face. After convincing her to fight, Kaori allows Barnabas to bite her, and she transforms into Cure Fangoria in order to take the Neo-Unicorn on. With her newfound power, Fangoria fights it with a series of kicks, punches and gymnastics moves, before finishing it off with the Pretty Cure Empress Moonbreaker. She runs home after its defeat, shaken and worried.

Back at the mansion, the Black King berates Silver Bishop for his failure until the Red Queen informs them that a member of Shin-Gaiark wants to speak with them. Said member, Pollution President Batcheerina, claims to have a proposition for the King...

Meanwhile, at Kaori's house, her mother Saki and Kivat-bat the 3rd find her looking worn out, but their concerns are cut short when Barnabas inadvertently reveals himself to them, leaving Kaori with no choice but to explain.

Major EventsEdit

  • Kaori meets Barnabas and becomes Cure Fangoria for the first time.
  • The Neo-Fangire begin their plan to wipe all of humanity from the Earth, including collaborating with Shin-Gaiark to further their goals.


  • The violin piece mentioned in Kaori's nightmare is referring to this song, used as Wataru's "leitmotif" of sorts in Kamen Rider Kiva. The singular note refers to the sound the Bloody Rose violin makes whenever a Fangire attacks, signaling Kiva to fight.