Mettayo☼!! (メッタヨ☼!! Mettayo☼!!) is an idol group featured in Super Pretty Cure Time. Formed by a group of four close friends, it was launched to stardom in the late 2010s with the hit single Citrus Jive, but eventually disbanded three years later due to infighting.


Name Group Label Image Color Image Fruit Post-Break-Up Fate Additional Notes
Nakagawa Chieri The Leader Red Cherry Launched herself as a solo act, retaining her cherry motif
Aoyama Kohaku The Rebel Blue Huckleberry Opened a small video rental shop Accused Chieri of "spotlight-hogging", one of the factors that led to the group's break-up
Tachibana Rinko The Older Sister Orange Mandarin orange Became a yoga teacher and nutricionist
Urigi Suika The Cutie Green Watermelon Became a budding songwriter under the penname of Melanie Greene


Known SinglesEdit

  • Citrus Jive (シトラスジャイブ) -- Debut single
  • Awatenai HOLD MY HAND (慌てないHOLD MY HAND lit. "Don't Panic, Hold My Hand")