Magic Ribbon Pretty Cure! (マジックリボンプリキュア! Majikku Ribon Purikyua!) is the fan 10th anniversary season created by CureHibiki. The theme is magic and elements.


In each country, there is an academy known Pretty Cure Academy where girls aged 9 - 17 are picked to become the legendary warriors Pretty Cure to defend Earth if a certain enemy arrives. But when an enemy known as Arch Empire arrive on Earth searching for the element known as Spirit, Komiya Eli is forced to become a Cure by Cure Flower and fight against Arch Empire while studying how to be a Cure at Pretty Cure Academy. But when she is tasked to search for Spirit also, she is joined by Cure Flower and her team to find it before Arch Empire does or chaos may spread...Join the new set of Cures as a very different Pretty cure adventure unfolds.



Komiya Eli (古宮エリ Komiya Eri)/ Cure Secret (キュアシークレット Kyua Shīkuretto)
Eli is the main protagonist of the show who kind and friendly but prefers focusing on her dreams then friendship.

Akima Tsubaki (秋間椿 Akima Tsuki)/ Cure Flower (キュアフラワー Kyua Furawā)

Mizuki Yoko (水木洋子 Mizuki Yōko)/ Cure Storm (キュアストーム Kyua Sutōmu)

Morimoto Haruka (森本はるか Morimoto Haruka)/ Cure Breeze (キュアブリーズ Kyua Burīzu)

Akane Hina (茜ひな Akane Hina)/ Cure Flame (キュアフレイム Kyua Fureimu)