This is a list of differences in Tinalover24's retellings. It's still under construction, and may be quite long.

Futari wa Pretty Cure (MaX Heart)Edit

Futari wa Pretty Cure Splash StarEdit

Yes! Pretty Cure 5 (GoGo)Edit

Fresh Pretty CureEdit

  • At the beginning, Miki doesn't know Love and Inori.
  • Setsuna refuses to join the team even in episode 24, her role being filled by Koichi/Cure Plum, and only joins around the time of the kidnap by Labyrinth in canon.

Heartcatch Pretty CureEdit

  • Itsuki is the same age as Yuri, and they are pretty much the Pretty Cure version of Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune.

Suite Pretty CureEdit

  • The most noticeable difference is that it's based off Glee and lasts two seasons.
  • Waon, Seika and Ouji all become regular characters.
  • Instead of simply not caring for Ouji, in this variation Ouji and Hibiki genuinely have it out for each other.

Smile Pretty CureEdit

  • Reika, like Karen in YPC5, fails to become a Cure at first and doesn't become Cure Beauty until episode 11
  • Yayoi takes longer to become stronger and in episode 22 quits temporarily. Because of this, Pretty Cure fails to achieve their Princess Forms in episode 23. Luckily, Eru convinces Yayoi to come back and in doing so gets a Smile Pact of her own, becoming Cure Jubilance.
    • Because of when Eru becomes a Cure, she gets her Princess Form later than the core five.
  • Like in Once Upon a Smile, there was a previous band of Smile Cures, all who were killed, except for one who later joins the current team.
  • Nao's parents are dead and she is her siblings' sole caretaker.