Kaneda Miwa
金田 美和 Kaneda Miwa
SeasonOlympus Pretty Cure
Eye ColorLight blue (Miwa)

Cyan (Cure Venus)

Hair ColorDirty blonde (Miwa)

Chartreuse (Cure Venus)

RelativesKaneda Izayoi (mother)

Kaneda Kajiya (father)

First AppearanceOPC02
Alter EgoCure Venus
Theme ColorChrysolite green (main)

Cyan (sub)

Japanese Voice ActorTomatsu Haruka

Kaneda Miwa (金田 美和 Kaneda Miwa) is one of the Cures and the secondary main character of Olympus Pretty Cure. A first-year student and member of Seibara Middle School's cheerleading squad, Miwa is athlethic, independent, cheerful and patient, yet incredibly careless, and naïve to the point of negative consequences. Her alter ego is Cure Venus (キュアビーナス Kyua Bīnasu). Her catchphrase is "Super Splendid!" (超スプレンディッド! Chō Supurendiddo!).



Enthusiastic, fun-loving and adaptable, Miwa likes to go with the flow and believes that everything has its time. She is very independent for her age, knows exactly what she wants, and is able to take care of herself when left alone. Despite this, her grades are far from spectacular, so she often relies on her classmates to help her with homework or with studying for tests. Miwa is also shown to be scatterbrained and quite innocent, sometimes causing trouble due to her naïveté.



Becoming Cure Venus

The Internet Friendship Fiasco


Shimizu Akira -

Pothos -

East Star Aldebaran -

Cure Venus

"Guided by Aphrodite, the star of equilibrium! Cure Venus!"


Afurodīte ni Michibikare, Kinkō no Hoshi! Kyua Bīnasu!

Cure Venus (キュアビーナス Kyua Bīnasu) is Miwa's Pretty Cure alter ego, powered by the Chrysolite Horoscorb. In this form, like other Pretty Cures, she possesses powered-up strength, speed, and healing factor, with her brute strength being her strongest suit, which allows her to take on much larger opponents quicker and more easily. Unlike other Pretty Cure duos, Miwa does not need to be together with her partner, Akira, to transform. Cure Venus represents the star sign of Libra, and her element is air. Her primary finishing attack is Chrysolite Cyclone, and she is also able to perform Olympic Tourbillon with Cure Neptune.


Kaneda (金田): Kane (金) means "gold" or "money", alluding to the Japanese name of Cure Venus' namesake planet (金星 Kinsei, "gold star"), while Da (田) is a common Japanese surname ender meaning "rice field".

Miwa (美和): Mi (美) translates to "beauty", while Wa (和) translates to "harmony" or "peace".

Her full name, when put together, means "beautiful harmony of the golden rice field".

Cure Venus: Derived from the homonymous planet, which in turn is named after the homonymous Roman goddess of love and beauty, and counterpart to Greek goddess Aphrodite. A more expansive look at Venus' etymology can be found here.


Miwa's voice actress, Tomatsu Haruka, provides her voice in an image song about Miwa, released in the image song album Olympus Pretty Cure: Shore Shine Splendid. In the same album, she participates in a duet with Fujita Saki, who voices Akira.