Ikue Hoshizora
星空いくえ Hoshizora Ikue
SeasonSmile Pretty Cure!
Eye ColorDark pink
Hair ColorBlack (w/ pink sheen)
RelativesHoshizora Miyuki (ancestor)

Hoshizora Mitaro (twin brother)

First AppearanceSmile Pretty Cure the Movie 2: Let's Paint the Black Future White!
Japanese Voice ActorMaaya Uchida
Hoshizora Ikue is a Smile Pretty Cure! fancharacter created by Cure Shabon. She and her brother Mitaro are Hoshizora Miyuki's descendants from the year 3012, as well as rookie officers for the time police organization Luster.


Unlike the happy-go-lucky Miyuki, Ikue is strict, cynical, stern, and sometimes antisocial, mostly due to the fact she and her brother have been groomed and trained to become Luster officers since childhood. Despite this, she is extremely loyal, persevering, always willing to protect those in need, and secretly shares her ancestor's love of storybooks.



Hoshizora Mitaro - Her relationship with her brother is somewhere in between healthy and rocky. While they care for each other, he often teases her for being too "pessimistic" and tries to get her to lighten up.

Hoshizora Miyuki -


Ikue has long black hair with a pink sheen and tied in twintails with yellow scrunchies and white flower hair decorations, and dark pink eyes. She is normally seen in her white and blue Luster officer uniform.


Hoshizora (星空) - 星 means "star" and 空 means "sky", coming together to become "starry sky". It originally alluded to Cure Happy's powers of "holy light", though this has since extended to her as well.

Ikue (郁恵, written as いくえ) - 郁 means "sweet scent" and 恵 means "blessing", coming together to become "sweet-scented blessing".