The Horoscorbs (ホロスコーブ) are important items in Olympus Pretty Cure. They are twelve mystical gemstones, each representing one of the twelve official Zodiac signs, that keep the realm of Olympia in perfect balance. There are also thirteen guardian fairies, one for each Horoscorb, with the exception of the Alexandrite Horoscorb which has two. Four of the guardians were corrupted into the Royal Stars by Nemesis, four others headed to Earth to find their respective partner Pretty Cures, and the remaining five were incapacitated by Nemesis during her invasion.


Horoscorbs appear as small, perfectly round gemstones bound in guilded casing and chain, resembling pendants but are not meant to be worn. Wind and fire signs have gold chains while water and earth signs have silver. Though normally inert, the Horoscorbs emit distinct energy fluctuations seen within them when a Pretty Cure is within their vicinity. Fixed signs have largely stationary signals, cardinal signs have converging signals, and mutable signs have erratic signals.


Horoscorbs govern the natural principles that constitute Olympia. For example, the Beryl Horoscorb governs the cold, which balances out the heat governed by the Bloodstone Horoscorb. When a Horoscorb is removed from it's sanctuary, it's representative attribute gradually becomes muted. Pretty Cure become pacted to a single Horoscorb, but can utilize the power of other Horoscorbs in a limited capacity. After Nemesis removes each Horoscorb from the respective sanctuary, they lost much of their power and must be restored with droplets of Ichor that are left behind when a Kataina is purified. When powered up enough, the Cures are able to use new abilities, such as conjuring weapons and imbuing themselves in a aura of other attributes.

List of HoroscorbsEdit

Name Representative Sign Color Element(Attribute) Guardian Weapon Guardian Status Current Power Wielder
Bloodstone Horoscorb Aries Dark green (main), red (sub) Fire (Heat) Nike Bloodstone Rapier Incapacitated N/A
Sapphire Horoscorb Taurus Sapphire Earth (Flora) Himeros Sapphire Bracelets Corrupted

East Star Aldebaran (corrupted Himeros)

Alexandrite Horoscorb

Gemini Blue-green / raspberry red Air (Sound) Castor and Pollux Alexandrite Castanets Incapacitated N/A
Emerald Horoscorb Cancer Emerald green Water (Rain) Ersa Emerald Parasol Incapacitated N/A
Onyx Horoscorb Leo Onyx Fire (Metal) Kirke Onyx Baton Corrupted

North Star Regulus (corrupted Kirke)

Carnelian Horoscorb Virgo Carnelian (main), black (sub) Earth (Wood) Angelia Carnelian Heels Safe Cure Mercury
Chrysolite Horoscorb Libra Chrysolite green (main), cyan (sub) Air (Wind) Pothos Chrysolite Mirror Safe Cure Venus
Beryl Horoscorb Scorpio Red beryl Water (Ice) Makaria Beryl Chain Corrupted

West Star Antares (corrupted Makaria)

Topaz Horoscorb Sagittarius Topaz yellow (main), orange (sub) Fire (Electricity) Hebe Topaz Bow Safe Cure Jupiter
Ruby Horoscorb Capricorn Ruby red Earth (Soil) Chiron Ruby Fan Incapacitated N/A
Garnet Horoscorb Aquarius Deep red Air (Gravity) Allecto Garnet Urn Corrupted

South Star Fomalhaut (corrupted Allecto)

Amethyst Horoscorb Pisces Amethyst (main), lavender rose (sub) Water (Tides) Triton Amethyst Trident Safe Cure Neptune