ヘーベ Hebe
SeasonOlympus Pretty Cure
Eye ColorTopaz yellow
Home PlaceOlympia
Japanese Voice ActorIkezawa Haruna
Hebe (ヘーベ Hebe) is one of the mascots in Olympus Pretty Cure. She is the guardian of the Topaz Horoscorb and Yumi's fairy partner. She ends her sentences with "hebe".


Hebe resembles an orange colored bipedal horse with topaz yellow eyes and a topaz yellow Sagittarius symbol on her forehead. She wears a yellow scarf fastened with a topaz gemstone clip.


Hebe fancies herself as a chivalrous knight with a straight-laced code of honor. She believes in fair fights and will not tolerate cowardice or hesitation. Her noble demeanor places her at odds with Yumi's pragmatic approach toward fighting. She is protective of women despite being female herself, quick to bring justice on any man who slights a woman in any way.

She enjoys eating the food from the local Chinese-style eatery in town, such as steamed meat-buns, fried-rice, and hot pot; even though she considers these foods to be "un-knightly".


As a Horoscorb guardian, Hebe originally did not have an actual personality until her love of epics and romantic novels helped mold her code of chivalry, sworn to fealty toward the rulers of Olympia and the well being of the people.


Hirai Yumi - Hebe is often at odds with her partner for her "unladylike" conduct and her pragmatic approach to fighting their enemies. They nonetheless have a mutual love of challenge, often competing in archery contests during Yumi's club time, and Hebe revers her partner's unwavering sense of hope and optimism. Yumi also enjoys watching Hebe shoot arrows at Shinya whenever he goes too far with his flirting.

Triton and Pothos - She often brings it upon herself to break up their squabbles, usually by shooting arrows at both of them simultaneously. She easily loses patience with Triton's immaturity and Pothos' nitpicking.

Angelia - Even though Angelia is a Horoscorb guardian herself, Hebe is fiercely protective of her, revering her above even Olympia's rulers at certain points. Angelia is not too fond of Hebe's infatuation, but nonetheless values her company.

Lord Cepheus and Lady Cassiopeia -



Her yellow scarf can morph into a bow that can shoot miniature arrows. These arrows cannot be perceived in any way, shape, or form until they hit their target. When one hits, the target feels a sharp numbing sensation.

Hebe can also gather vast amounts of static electricity around her, giving her arrows an extra boost in speed.