This is a page for Cure Shabon's hypothetical English dub ideas for the canon series Doki Doki! Pretty Cure.

Edits and ChangesEdit

Main Names and Terms

Any unmentioned names/terms either haven't been confirmed or are left unchanged.

  • (Aida Mana) → Aida Many
  • (Hishikawa Rikka) → Ricca Heartams
  • (Yotsuba Alice) → Alice Yellowfield
  • (Kenzaki Makoto) → Mikaza Kendasi
  • (Madoka Aguri) → Madina Agoni
  • (Joe Okada) → Joe Olana
  • Ai-chan Sling
  • (Selfish Kingdom)
  • Selfish King aka Emperor Lucifer
  • Ira → Ita
  • Marmo → Merma
  • Pell Phegor
  • Regina aka Princess Asmodine
  • Leva → Levi
  • Gula
  • Jikochuu → Jikathyy
  • Cure Lovies
  • Love Heart Arrow
  • Love Eyes Palette
  • Love Kiss Rouge
  • Miracle Dragon Glaive
  • Magical Lovely Pad
  • Magical Lovely Harp
  • Eternal Golden Crown

Series-wise ChangesEdit

  • In this dub, Alice is explicitly said to be British, accent and all.
  • Like with Smile, there are episodes left undubbed, though fewer this time around due to Doki Doki being a more plot-focused season. So far, the undubbed episodes are 9, 26, 29, and 34 to 38.
  • In the original episode 16, Regina approaches the Cures to become friends with only Mana, while in the dub version (episode 15), Asmodine approaches the Cures with the intent of finding out the source of their powers, in order to become just as powerful as them and make her father proud -- she just becomes closer to Mandy due to Mandy being the only one who didn't have second thoughts about helping her.
  • In the dub, episode 21 (22 in the original) ends with Mandy screaming for the brainwashed Asmodine to stop with her behavior, and the scene of Cure Ace's appearance is transplanted to the beginning of the following episode instead.
  • The scene of Regina's reawakening at the end of episode 38 is transplanted to the beginning of dub episode 31.
  • In episodes 35 and 38 (43 and 46 in the original), the scene of baby Aguri magically growing into her current age in Mari's arms is cut, as to give the impression that Marina grew up normally like Asmodine did.
  • A good chunk of the finale is cut (namely the entirety of Pell's screentime as Proto-Jikochuu (Parthenon Mode included), the aftermath with the spirit of Marie-Ange talking to the girls, and the reveal of Trump Kingdom as a republic), giving the impression that, once Lucifer was purified, the battle truly ended, and that Marie-Ange somehow came back to life. In addition to this, another scene is added to the epilogue: the scenes of Mana's wedding from the movie, meticulously edited to show Marie-Ange and Joe as the newlyweds instead.

Episode List

  1. Wildcard at Heart (Part 1)
  2. Wildcard at Heart (Part 2)
  3. Diamond in the Rough
  4. Never Underestimate a Girl
  5. The Sword on the Stage
  6. Cooking Many
  7. The End of the World as We Know It
  8. Hang in There, Baby!
  9. The New Girl in Class
  10. Lending a Hand
  11. President in Training
  12. Miss Gold Rose
  13. I Was a Teenage Busybody
  14. The Fairest of Them All
  15. I Wanna Be Like You
  16. Shattered Lives
  17. Lovers in Springtime
  18. The Crystal Games
  19. Snowed In
  20. Princess in Another Castle
  21. My Friend Asmodine
  22. Easy Ace
  23. Putting the Mic Down
  24. Heroine for a Day
  25. A Spot of Tea
  26. This World, Then the Fireworks
  27. True Reflections
  28. There's an App for That
  29. Rewriting History
  30. Sweet Child of Mine
  31. A Glaive Mistake
  32. Sing Your Heart Out
  33. Rhapsody in Bloom
  34. Cures on their Birthdays
  35. The Agron Truth
  36. How the Egoids Stole Mandy
  37. Where There's Light, There's a Shadow
  38. Priestiara Explains It All
  39. The Beginning of the End
  40. One Heart for All (Finale)

Voice Cast