Hayakaze Natsume
速風なつめ Hayakaze Natsume
SeasonHeartcatch Pretty Cure!
Eye ColorGreen (Natsume)

Light green (Cure Zephyr)

Hair ColorHazel (Natsume)

White (Cure Zephyr)

RelativesHayakaze Isamu (father)

Hayakaze Sayuri (mother) Hayakaze Takahiro (grandfather) Mimori Renge (aunt)

Alter EgoCure Zephyr
Theme ColorGreen
Japanese Voice ActorUmeka Shoji

Hayakaze Natsume is a fancharacter created by Cure Shabon for the canon season Heartcatch Pretty Cure!. Her alter ego is Cure Zephyr (キュアゼファー Kyua Zefā).



Natsume has wavy chin-length hazel hair adorned with a light green bandanna tied around her head, and green eyes described by Erika as "smiley eyes" -- when she smiles, her eyes do so as well. Her civillian garb consists of a green poncho over a tie-dye shirt, a long green skirt and brown sandals.

As Cure Zephyr, her hair tints white and grows to waist-length, forming drill curls at the bottom, and her eyes become a brighter shade of green. She wears decorative heart-shaped accessories on both sides of her head with feathers coming from them. Her outfit is mainly green and white, with dark green highlights, and greatly resembles Blossom's and Marine's, with a few small differences. The bow at her chest is large with a frilly piece of fabric resembling a cravat coming out from under her brooch, her top is two-toned green/white with buttons and long detached sleeves. She wears white knee-length stockings, and her boots are short and green with light green toetips and a frilled white section at the top.


Natsume is what could be described as a modern hippie, a calm and spiritual vegan who claims to be "in tune with Mother Nature". Because of this, she is often said to be "eccentric", something which, added to the fact that she's homeschooled, makes her quite lonely, with Shigeru and Tsubomi as the first few people to befriend her. She enjoys confectioning tie-dye clothing, and although she isn't officially part of the Fashion Club she occasionally helps its members out.

Cure ZephyrEdit

"One flower growing towards the heavens, Cure Zephyr!"


Tenjou e sodatsu ichirin no hana, Kyua Zefā!

Cure Zephyr (キュアゼファー Kyua Zefā) is Natsume's Pretty Cure alter ego. Unlike the former Pretty Cure duos in the franchise, Natsume doesn't need to be together with her partner, Shigeru, to transform. Like the other Heartcatch Cures, she needs her partner fairy Vetiver's Pretty Cure Seed to execute the transformation, and transforms by saying Pretty Cure! Open My Heart!.

Cure Zephyr is, in all means, a defensive fighter, with moderate stamina and speed but lacking in strength. Her primary weapon is the Zephyr Magnum, which he uses to execute Green Forte Cannonball by herself and Floral Flourish Fortissimo with Cure Inferno. Unlike the other Cures, she doesn't have any individual sub attacks, but makes up for this by being able to create and control gusts of wind to help her while fighting. Later on, she is able to use the Super Silhouette power-up with the other Cures.



Hayakaze (速風): Translates to swift wind, alluding to her air-based powers.

Natsume (なつめ): Translates to jujube.

Cure Zephyr: Zephyr is another name for a gentle breeze, once again alluding to her powers over air.