My ideas.


Aino Megumi- Megani Artcraft

Shirayuki Hime- Hile Shirani

Omori Yuko- Cara Goodwyn

Hikawa Iona- Iona Hidestien

Himelda Window




Queen Mirage

Deep Mirror


Namakeruda- Doomera

Hosshiwa- Gloomita

Saiarks- Doomies

Choiarks- Darkies

Seiji- Solie

Mao- Mia

Aino Kaori- Kaeti Artcraft

Sagara Hiroko- Hilata

Izumi- Ms. Donald

Elena Shiina- Elen Shali

Maria Hikawa- Maria Hidestien

Kana Furuta- Kara Faraly

Rei Takano- Ray Tasimy



Triple Dance Honey Baton


Pretty Cure Kururin Mirror Change!- Pretty Cure Rollin' Mirror Change!

Cherry Flamenco

Lollipop Hip Hop

Sherbet Ballet

Macadamia Hula Dance

Passion Dynamite!

Pop'n'Sonic Attack!

Arabesque Shower!

Hawaiian Alohaloway!

Ribbon Heart Explosion

Maracas Rhythm Spark- Malamas Rhythm Spark

Oriental Dream!

Dancing Sakura Blizzard!

Popcorn Cheer

Coconut Samba

Anmitsu Komachi- Apuding Kabuki

Pine Arabian

Stardust Shoot

Bomber Girls Pretty Cures

Wonderful Net Pretty Cure

The big love spreading around the world, Cure Lovely- Spreading love around the world, I am Cure Lovely!

The blue wind dancing in the sky, Cure Princess- Blowing a peaceful wind through the royal skys of blue, I am Cure Princess!

The light of life flourishing on the Earth, Cure Honey- Flourishing the light of life on the Earth, I am Cure Honey!

The star of hope that glitters in the night sky, Cure Fortune- Glittering in the skys of the night, I am Cure Fortune!

Madame Momere

Ohana- Ahene

Olina- Aliya

Shining Make Dresser


The Evil Cure Lovely Clone

Happiness Big Bang


1. A Lovely Hero

2. A Tale of Two Cures

3. Identity Crisis

4. A School Fit For A Princess

5. Can't Stop the Pop

6. Cooking With Cara

7. The Power of The Pair

8. A Charmed Life

9. The Karate Master

10. Singing Cures

11. Who Is This Yellow Cure?

12. Livin' A Double Life

13. The Hunter

14. A Little Help

15. Homesick

16. Stop the Presses

17. With Friends Like Joey's

18. Here Comes The Bride

19. He Shoots, She Scores

20. It's All Your Fault!

21. Phantom Strikes Back

22. Fortune's Piano Solo

23. Between Friends

24. Beach Blanket Cures

25. The Power of Love

26. You Never Forget Your First Love

27. Wandering Feelings

28. Ohana Means Family

29. Awakening Axia

30. Seeing Double

31. I Know You Mean Well...

32. The Pursuit of Innocence

33. The Happiness Big Bang Theory

34. Helping Hands

35. Special Delivery

36. Birthday Blues

37. Have A Gloomy Halloween!

38. True Sisters

39. Tender Fortunes

40. Open Up Your Heart

41. The Legend of PhanPhan

42. The Phantom Empire or Bust!

43. A Queen's Heart

44. Red Alert!

45. From Fair to Cloudy

46. The Anger of A Broken Heart

47. Freeing Friendship

48. Reflections of Love

49. The Final Charge-Up


  • While Glasan speaks in a rebel-type way, Glassy is going to speak in a Brooklyn accent.
  • In episode 1 when Cure Fortune is yelling at Hime for causing the invasion and that it was indeed her fault, Cure Fortune will be yelling at Helga and making small hints about what was done to Maria.
  • The 10 Year Celebrations will be removed.
  • When Hime is pointing out that the bow on her dress is what makes it beautiful, Helga will be implying that all dresses look good with bows.
  • While Megumi calls Yuko "Yuu-yuu," Megan calls Cara "Care."