This is Carplayer's version of the English dub for "Happiness Charge Pretty Cure!".


  • Megumi Aino - Sydney Lovecraft
  • Hime Shirayuki - Rianne Burgess
  • Yuko Omori - Cara Goodwyn
  • Iona Hikawa - Fiona Destien
  • Himelda Window- Princess Rihanna of Skyland
  • Ribbon - Ribbon
  • Glasan - Glasses
  • Aloalo - Aloalo
  • PhanPhan - PhanPhan
  • Blue- Sir Blue
  • Maria Hikawa - Maria Destien
  • Red- Sir Red
  • Queen Mirage- Queen Mirage
  • Cure Mirage - Cure Mirage
  • Deep Mirror- Man in the Mirror
  • Oresky- General Hatrus
  • Namakeruda- Doomer
  • Hosshiwa- Gloomette
  • Saiarks- Doomies
  • Choiarks- Dark Spies
  • Seiji- Steven Harmon
  • Mao Sagara - Mae Harmon
  • Izumi- Ms. McDonald
  • Maria Hikawa- Maria Destien
  • Kana Furuta- Kara Sawyer
  • Rei Takano- Faye Smith
  • Miyo Masuko - Marilyn Martinson
  • Kaori Aino - Kaitlyn Lovecraft
  • Masaru Aino - Marcus Lovecraft
  • Hiroko Sagara - Janet Harmon
  • Yoko Omori - Caroline Goodwyn
  • Takeo Omori - Thomas Goodwyn
  • Ai Omori - Jenny Goodwyn
  • Yonezo Omori - Allan John Goodwyn
  • Ine Omori - Beth Goodwyn
  • Kenta Yamazaki - Keith McNeal
  • Elena Shiina - Elena Samson
  • Kana Furuta - Katie Bliss
  • Rei Takano - Rae Morrison
  • Rin Ishigami - Rhonda Bushnell
  • Yuya Kaido - Brian Winslow
  • PreChanMirror- Cure Mirror
  • PreChanBrace- Rainbow Bracelet
  • Triple Dance Honey Baton- Honey Stick
  • PreCards- Fashion Cards
  • Kawarunrun! Pretty Cure Kururin Mirror Change!- Let's Go! Pretty Cure Rollin' Mirror Change!
  • Kawarunrun! Pretty Cure Kirarin Star Symphony!- Let's Go! Pretty Cure Shining Star Symphony!
  • Cherry Flamenco- Cherry Flamenco
  • Lollipop Hip Hop- Lollipop Hip Hop
  • Sherbet Ballet- Sherbet Ballet
  • Macadamia Hula Dance- Macadamia Hula
  • Passion Dynamite- Passion Dynamite!
  • Pop'n'Sonic Attack- Sweet Beat Attack!
  • Arabesque Shower- Dazzling Snowfall!
  • Hawaiian Alohaloway- Aloha Luau!
  • Ribbon Heart Explosion- Ribbon Heart Boom
  • Maracas Rhythm Spark- Mambo Blowout
  • Oriental Dream- Oriental Impact!
  • Dancing Sakura Blizzard- Cherry Blossom Tornado!
  • Popcorn Cheer- Popcorn Cheer
  • Coconut Samba- Coconut Samba
  • Anmitsu Komachi- Pudding Kabuki
  • Pine Arabian- Pineapple Arabian
  • Stardust Shoot- Shooting Star Blaster
  • Bomber Girls Pretty Cures- Mega Cures
  • Wonderful Net Pretty Cure- Techie Cures
  • Aloha Pretty Cure- Luau Pretty Cure
  • Twin Rome Pretty Cure- Twin Rome Pretty Cure
  • Southern Cross Cures- Southern Cross Cures
  • Jungle Cures- Jungle Cures
  • Matador Cures- Matador Cures
  • Phantom- Phantom
  • Phantom Empire- Phantom Empire
  • Blue Sky Kingdom- Skyland Kingdom
  • The big love spreading around the world, Cure Lovely- Spreading love around the world, I am Cure Lovely!
  • The blue wind dancing in the sky, Cure Princess- Blowing a peaceful wind through the royal skys of blue, I am Cure Princess!
  • The light of life flourishing on the Earth, Cure Honey- Flourishing the light of life on the Earth, I am Cure Honey!
  • The star of hope that glitters in the night sky, Cure Fortune- Glittering in the skys of the night, I am Cure Fortune!
  • A Genie Grants Wishes In The Speed Of Organs, I’m Cure Crystal
  • A Tender Of Love, I’m Cure Tender!
  • Happiness injection! charging with Glee! Happiness Charge Pretty Cure!- Happiness Injection! Charging with elation! We are Happiness Charge Pretty Cure!
  • Madame Momere- Lady Demise
  • Ohana- Leilani
  • Olina- Noelani
  • Shining Make Dresser- The Angel Mirror
  • Axia- The Demon Seal
  • The Evil Cure Lovely Clone- Cure Hateful
  • Happiness Big Bang- Happiness Big Bang

Cure Honey's songEdit

There's a song I can sing
When it comes to sharing rice
You can make a bowl or two to make our lives really nice
Some folks say "please" and "thank you" to make their hearts softer
First I would like to make some rice with eggs on top
And then I'll multiply bowls just for you
These rice bowls of kindness can make you smile
When you eat with some chopsticks or as another way
A fork is OK
So if you prefer some seasonings for your own rice
Make your choice and customize, that's what I like to do
Everyone whose hearts are pleasant will all enjoy
For they know rice is so delicious
Yes, they know rice is so delicious...

Team AttacksEdit

  • Pretty Cure Innocent Purification

Ribbon: Gather forth! Feelings of happiness!
Glasses: Increase the power of our Innocent thoughts!
Cure Lovely: Sparkle!
Cure Lovely, Princess, Honey, Fortune: Shining Make Dresser!

Cure Lovely: (singing) There's a time to search for a shapeless love
Cure Honey: (singing) The Kindness we use from high above

Team Happiness Charge in Innocent Form

Cure Fortune: (singing) The Hope that never fades away
Cure Princess: (singing) Let's resonate our power to save the day

Cure Lovely: (singing) As long as we have our courage and a brave heart
Cure Princess: (singing) Even when we live far apart
Cure Lovely and Cure Princess: (singing) We'll always find a way

All: (singing) We are innocent
We are innocent
We are brave and strong with the light of our love
The stars that sparkle brighten our Harmony
Let our hearts unite as one with this beautiful melody...

All: (spoken) Pretty Cure Innocent Purification!!


  1. A Lovely Her
  2. A Tale of Two Cures
  3. Identity Crisis
  4. A School Fit For A Princess
  5. Can't Stop the Pop
  6. Cooking With Cara
  7. The Power of The Pair
  8. A Charmed Life
  9. The Karate Master
  10. Singing Cures
  11. Who Is This Yellow Cure?
  12. Livin' A Double Life
  13. The Hunter
  14. A Little Help
  15. Homesick
  16. Stop the Presses
  17. With Friends Like Joey's
  18. Here Comes The Bride
  19. He Shoots, She Scores
  20. It's All Your Fault!
  21. Phantom Strikes Back
  22. Fortune's Piano Solo
  23. Between Friends
  24. Beach Blanket Cures
  25. The Power of Love
  26. You Never Forget Your First Love
  27. Wandering Feelings
  28. Ohana Means Family
  29. Awakening Axia
  30. Seeing Double
  31. I Know You Mean Well...
  32. The Pursuit of Innocence
  33. The Happiness Big Bang Theory
  34. Helping Hands
  35. Special Delivery
  36. Birthday Blues
  37. Have A Gloomy Halloween!
  38. True Sisters
  39. Tender Fortunes
  40. Open Up Your Heart
  41. The Legend of PhanPhan
  42. The Phantom Empire or Bust!
  43. A Queen's Heart
  44. Red Alert!
  45. From Fair to Cloudy
  46. The Anger of A Broken Heart
  47. Freeing Friendship
  48. Reflections of Love
  49. The Final Charge-Up
  50. Pretty Cure All Together!!!!!
  51. Good Times!
  52. Mr. Oresky Needs A Time Out!
  53. T Is For Cure Tender!
  54. Looks Like Cara And Rianne Are Going To EXPLODE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  55. Never Mess With Cure Fortune!
  56. Cure Crystal Grants Your Wishes!

Voice ActorsEdit

  • Sydney Lovecraft/Cure Lovely: Cindy Robinson
  • Rianne Burgess/Cure Princess: Colleen Villard
  • Cara Goodwyn/Cure Honey: Amy Palant
  • Fiona Destien/Cure Fortune: Karen Neil
  • Maria Destien/Cure Tender: Bailey Stocker
  • Ribbon: Laura Bailey
  • Glasses: Lisa Ortiz


  • While Glasses speaks in a rebel-type way, Glasses is going to speak in a Brooklyn accent.
  • In episode 1 when Cure Fortune is yelling at Hime for causing the invasion and that it was indeed her fault, Cure Fortune will be yelling at Rianne and making small hints about what was done to Maria.
  • The 10 Year Celebrations will be removed.
  • When Hime is pointing out that the bow on her dress is what makes it beautiful, Rianne will be implying that all dresses look good with bows.
  • While Megumi calls Yuko "Yuu-yuu," Sydney calls Cara "Care."