Fresh Pretty Cure
This is Cardplayer's version of the English dub of Fresh Pretty Cure.

English Dub Changes


Momozono Love- Lauren Managello

Aono Miki- Marley Allerdan

Yamabuki Inori- Megan "Megs" Pinebush

Higashi Setsuna- Sabrina Easton

Tarte- Tarte

Chiffon- Chiffon

Azukina- Apple Pie


Labyrinth- Labyrinth

Westar- Westar


Northa- Northlar

Eas- Easa

Nakewakame- Sourhench

Moebius- Compass

Miyuki- Mirabelle Chesterfield

Kaoru- Kaden

Daisuke- Daniel Chesterfield

Kazuki- Kyson

Yuki- Edwin

Kento- Ken

Keitaro Momozono- Kyle Managello

Ayumi Momozono- Angela Managello

Remi Aono- Rachel Allerdan

Ichijo Kazuki- Eddie Allerdan

Tadashi Yamabuki- Tyler Pinebush

Naoko Yamabuki- Natasha Pinebush

Reika and Nana- Kimmi and Nora


Peach, Berry, and Pine: Evil and Misery, begone!

Cure Peach: Pretty Cure Love Sunshine! (hand)

Cure Peach: Pretty Cure Love Sunshine Fresh! (with cure stick)

Cure Berry: Pretty Cure Respoir Shower! (hand)

Cure Berry: Pretty Cure Respoir Shower Fresh! (with cure stick)

Cure Pine: Pretty Cure Healing Prayer! (hand)

Cure Pine: Pretty Cure Healing Prayer Fresh! (with cure stick)

Cure Passion: Rage, Mighty Storm of Happiness! Pretty Cure Happiness Hurricane!

Lucky Clover Grand Finale

Cure Peach: Clover Box, lend us your power!
Cure Peach: Pretty Cure Formation! Ready, go!
Cure Passion: Happiness Leaf, Set! Pine!
Cure Pine: Plus one! Faith Leaf! Berry!
Cure Berry: Plus one! Hope Leaf! Peach!
Cure Peach: Plus one! Lovely Leaf!
All: Lucky Clover Grand Finale!

Introduction Speeches and Transformations

Cure Peach- The pink heart is the symbol of Love! Freshly Picked fresh, Cure Peach!

Cure Berry- The blue heart is the symbol of Hope! Freshly Gathered fresh, Cure Berry!

Cure Pine- The yellow heart is the symbol of Faith! Freshly Harvested fresh, Cure Pine!

Cure Passion- The scarlet heart is the symbol of Happiness! Freshly Ripened fresh, Cure Passion!

All: Fresh Pretty Cure!

Transformation- Change! Pretty Cure, Beat Up!

Cure Peach- Love! The stick freshly picked fresh! Cure Stick, Peach Baton!

Cure Berry- Hope! The stick freshly gathered fresh! Cure Stick, Berry Scope!

Cure Pine- Charity! The stick freshly harvested fresh! Cure Stick, Pine Flute!

Cure Passion- The faith! The rhapsody freshly ripened fresh! Passion Harp!


  1. A New Generation!
  2. Best Friend Berry
  3. The Animal Loving Cure
  4. Lost in the City
  5. Date Times Three
  6. Hamburger Havoc
  7. Sabrina
  8. Peach's Got A New Weapon
  9. Goodbye, Berry?
  10. Of Pines and Cookies
  11. No More Teacher's Dirty Looks
  12. Bad Hair Day
  13. Nurse Pine
  14. We're A Quartet?
  15. Amends Made
  16. Babysitting Blues
  17. With Friends Like Cathy's
  18. Torn Between Two Lifestyles
  19. Where's The Fourth One?
  20. Truth
  21. Birth of Passion
  22. It's A Peach Thing
  23. Sabrina and Sabrina Alike
  24. Dance Dance Hesitation
  25. I Love You, Grandpa!
  26. The Secret of Kaden
  27. Summer Comedy Blowout
  28. Happiness fulfilled!

Voice Actors

Lauren Managello/Cure Peach: Leah Clark
Marley Allerdan/Cure Berry: Kathleen Delaney
Megan (Megs) Pinebush/Cure Pine: Kether Donahue
Sabrina Easton/Cure Passion: Bella Hudson
Tarte: Sam Riegel


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