Emoto Chihaya
江本 千速 Emoto Chihaya
SeasonOlympus Pretty Cure
Eye ColorPine Green
Hair ColorDark Auburn
Home PlaceTennenseki
RelativesEmoto Nobuko (Mother)
Japanese Voice ActorYukino Satsuki
Emoto Chihaya (江本 千速 Emoto Chihaya) is a supporting character of Olympus Pretty Cure. A second-year student and president (and only member) of Hatsume Public Middle School's literature club. A studious, honest and dependable girl who is Akira's childhood friend. She pieces together the Cure's identities and becomes their secret keeper, sharing some of her knowledge of mythology and metaphysics.


Chihaya is willowly, with a slightly freckled face, waist length dark hair and deep green eyes normally obscured by her large round glasses. She is almost never seen smiling. A few of her bangs resemble a rooster's tail.

She is normally seen wearing her school's uniform, consisting of a chiffon-yellow blouse and green high waist suspender skirt. between the collar a thin green neckribbon is fastened. Underneath her skirt she wears black pantyhose and brown oxfords.

Outside of school she wears a lavender turtleneck sweater and a baby blue layered skirt that goes past her knees. On her legs she wears striped black and white thigh high stockings and brown clogs.


Chihaya is a solumn, scholarly girl who prefers to blend into the background than stand out. Being more reclusive than Akira, she makes no effort in trying to make new friends or leave her comfort zone. She refuses to associate with strangers unless they have earned her trust, but proves to be very loyal to those that have. Despite her desire to live an ordinary life, she has a fascination with the otherworldly. She is also doting toward children, reading them stories and freely giving away some of her mother Nobuko's specialty mochi balls.


Chihaya was conceived when her mother was eighteen-years-old. There is no mention of a biological father, suggesting that Chihaya is the product of a premarital relationship. She shows more bitterness towards this than she lets on, however. She had grown up into a insecure girl who spent most of her days buried in books. with Akira being her only friend.


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