East Star Aldebaran/Himeros
東星アルデバラン Tōsei Arudebaran
SeasonOlympus Pretty Cure
Eye ColorAzure
Hair ColorDark blue
Home PlaceOlympia/Tennin Shrine
First AppearanceOPC01
Japanese Voice ActorOtomo Ryuzaburo
East Star Aldebaran (東星アルデバラン Tōsei Arudebaran) is one of the antagonists in Olympus Pretty Cure. He is one of the Horoscorb Guardians who have been corrupted into a Royal Star by Nemesis. His true form is Himeros, who guards the Sapphire Horoscorb and ends his sentences with "~eros". As a human, his name is Higashijuujou Ushio (東十条 牛尾 Higashijūjō Ushio).


Aldebaran is a tall, muscular humanoid bull with dark blue skin, baby blue horns and azure eyes. He wears a silver ring on his nostrils, silver vine patterned gloves on his hands, a bell around his neck and a black tunic that evokes the image of a Roman centurion.

As Ushio, he has much the same stature, but his skin is a tan brown. He has short dark blue hair and sports a thick blue goatee. He wears a skin-tight red t-shirt with a Venus symbol that exposes his abdomen. light blue jeans, and black boots. He also wears vine shaped wristbands on both arms.

His true form as Himeros is a small, muscular blue bull with a light blue Taurus symbol on his forehead and wears a light blue scarf fastened with a sapphire gemstone clip. 


Aldebaran is the most emotionally reserved of the Royal Stars, and also possesses the strongest moral code even after his corruption, which shows when he prefers to fight the Pretty Cure in isolated environments to avoid civilian casualties. Consequently, he has fair relations with his enemies, even though he is bound to Nemesis' power and acts according to her will.

He is surprisingly very tech-savvy, able to analyse the inner workings of a computer in a short amount of time when he poses as a part-time clerk in a local electronics store. He becomes addicted to electronics early on, enjoys playing video games and is the moderator of a popular forum.


Before being corrupted by Nemesis, Himeros was the slowest to develop a personality than the other guardians. His whole existence was protecting the Sapphire Horoscorb and obeying the will of Olympia's rulers. Overtime, the other guardians began to influence his way of thinking, but he still has difficulty in expressing independent thought.

Kaneda Miwa -

Nemesis -

North Star Regulus -

West Star Antares -

South Star Fomalhaut -


Aldebaran's element is earth, having dominion over many forms of plant life. In contrast to Angelia's power over trees and fruit, Aldebaran controls things like flowers and grasses. He usually summons his Kataina from these types of plants, though on occasion he will also use electronics as catalysts.

The nectar from his flowers is used to make a special drink that Olympians drink during festivals, which staves off lethargy for days. But with his corruption, they instead cause fatigue.