Cure Destiny
キュアデスティニー Kyua Desutinī
Eye ColorDark blue
Hair ColorWhite
Theme ColorPink (main)

Gold (sub)

Cure Destiny (キュアデスティニー Kyua Desutinī) is the embodiment of all the lead Cures of the Pretty Cure series, and supposedly the most powerful Cure in history. Unlike most Cures, she doesn't have a known civillian form and is 100% magical girl. She doesn't tend to make constant appearances, and some people think of her as more of a concept than an actual person.


Legacy Heart AdventEdit

She has the ability to transform to any lead Cure of her choosing even without an external transformation device or partner. She simply states the henshin call 'Legacy Heart [insert lead Cure name here]', a henshin sequence is shown, similar to the original henshin but with Cure Destiny inserted in. After the transformation, she looks the same, but with the color scheme and outfit of the chosen Cure. Although she is able to replicate the powers, weapons and attacks of the lead Cures, she also has a few powers of her own, including the finishers Destiny Unlimited Beam and Stardust Legacy MAX.

Leader Cure SpiritsEdit