カリオペー Kariopē
SeasonOlympus Pretty Cure
Eye ColorAquamarine
Hair ColorChartreuse
Home PlaceOlympia
First AppearanceOPC01
Japanese Voice ActorNakamura Chie
 Calliope (カリオペー Kariopē) is a supporting character in Olympus Pretty Cure. She is the chief messenger of Lord Cepheus and Lady Cassiopeia. She keeps records of the events of the season inside the Muse Diary.


Calliope resembles a small tropical-yellow songbird with aquamarine eyes and neck-length chartreuse hair and tail-feathers. She wears long robe with an ornate sash along her left shoulder, and conceals her journal in her clothes.


Calliope is a very cautious person, prefering to stay undercover as she records the Cure's progress. For this, she does not reveal herself to them, staying behind the scenes and keeping tabs on them. She resents having Earthlings fight on behalf of Olympia, stating that outsiders have no business being involved in their struggles against Nemesis. She particularly finds it demeaning when she observes the Cure's everyday lives.


Calliope is one of Olympia's highest ranking scholars. She has studied various subjects, mostly the Horoscorbs, their properties, and the Earthlings capable of establishing pacts with them. After Nemesis' recent attack, Olympia's rulers sent her to Earth to observe the Pretty Cure.


Lord Cepheus and Lady Cassiopeia - Despite her misgivings over having outsiders fighting the forces of Nemesis, She is nonetheless devoted to the cause her rulers tasked her with. She also manages to resist the urge to gripe about the Cures when she sends reports.

Emoto Chihaya - She is the only Earthling who discovers her presence. She agrees not to reveal Calliope to anyone else, especially not the Pretty Cure or the Royal Stars.


Calliope is the Greek Muse of epic poetry, tying into her role as a scribe for Olympia's rulers and recorder of the Cure's exploits.


Calliope is able to use one of her tail feathers as a writing quill, and the sash around her left shoulder has a hidden layer of ink that she wipes her quill on.