Black and White, Broken and Beaten is Anime Angel72's retelling of the Futari wa Pretty Cure story. It is much more darker than the canon counterpart.


  • In episode 1, they meet diffrently in which Nagisa saves Honoka from being attacked by a gang.
  • They don't transform until episode 2
  • At first both, Nagisa and Honoka don't like and don't want to become Pretty Cure saying "You don't want us, we're too broken to be magical happy warriors of the light or whatever."
  • They are both reveled to have some terrible pasts
  • Kiriya unlike the real episode 21 does not return to the Dark Zone instead abandons the Dark zone to live like a human.
  • Nagisa transfers to Verone Academy episode 30 then joins the Lacrosse Team with Honoka joining the Science Club
  • This season actually gets a movie named Futari wa Pretty Cure: Our Heart's Desire! Escaping The Dream World
  • Similar to YPC5, Heartcatch and Smile,the Dark Zone makes dark copies of the pretty cure known as Dark Black and Dark White

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