バーナバス Baanabasu
Eye ColorGray
Hair ColorBlack, red
Home PlaceUnknown (future time period)
First AppearanceSPCT02
Japanese Voice ActorKunihiro Kawamoto
Barnabas is Kaori Kurenai's mascot partner, who had come from a timeline in the future to help her fight the Neo-Fangires in the present.


Fleeing from the FutureEdit

Life With KaoriEdit


Kurenai Kaori -- Despite his abrasive demeanor, Barnabas does genuinely mean well when he and Kaori interact; he wants to be rid of the Neo-Fangires as much as she does, and he will often worry for her own safety when the going gets too tough.

Esumi Hibari --

Kivat-bat the 3rd -- Because Kivat had expected a member of his own race to aid Kaori, the two share a bitter rivalry of sorts, often devolving into insult-slinging. Kaori and Wataru both find this irritating, the former moreso since she dislikes family fights, and because Kivat was around longer in her life.


Barnabas: Barnabas takes his name from Barnabas Collins, one of the characters in the 1960s soap opera Dark Shadows (which also received a film adaptation in 2012, and where Collins is the central protagonist.)