Aoki Hyouka
青木 ひょうか Aoki Hyōka
SeasonSmile Pretty Cure!
Eye ColorDark Blue (Hyouka, Sherbet)

Azure (Cure Honor)

Hair ColorBrown (Hyouka)

Orange (Sherbet, Cure Honor) Pale Blue (fur; Sherbet)

Home PlaceNanairogaoka
RelativesAoki Reika (mother)
Pop (father)
Candy (paternal aunt)
Royal Queen (paternal grandmother)
Aoki Soutarou (maternal great-grandfather)

Unnamed maternal grandfather
Aoki Shizuko (maternal grandmother)
Aoki Junnosuke (maternal uncle)

Alter EgoCure Honor
Theme ColorBlue

Aoki Hyouka is a Smile Pretty Cure! fancharacter created by Cure Shabon. She is Pop and Aoki Reika's future daughter and heir to the throne of Märchenland in her time, who can become a fairy named Sherbet (シャーベット Shābetto), and ends her sentences in "~desu wa". Like her mother, she is a Pretty Cure, by the alias of Cure Honor (キュアホナー Kyua Honā).


Hyouka is usually polite and friendly like her mother, and very no-nonsense and "old Japan"-type like both of her parents, but has a bit of a bossy streak and is quite stubborn concerning her ideals, not to the point of being rebellious though still leading to mild conflict on occasions. Like her father, Hyouka can easily become flustered when complimented.



Cure HonorEdit



Sherbet, Hyouka's fairy form.

In human form, Hyouka has pale skin, long and straight brown hair with white and yellow flower hairclips and worn in a low ponytail, and dark blue eyes. Her casual outfit consists of a long-sleeved button-up blue top, resembling the top part of a kimono, over a short light yellow dress trimmed with lace, and blue sandals.

As Sherbet, she has pale blue fur, with darker blue wing-shaped markings near her eyes, and orange hair worn in the same style as in her human form, and wears a lacy white collar around her neck. In both forms she has pale blue curled ears and a long, bushy orange fox tail much like her father's.


Aoki (青木) - 青 means "blue", while 木 means "wood" or "tree".

Hyouka (ひょうか) / Sherbet - Her human first name's kanji writing is 氷菓, meaning "frozen treat" (which a sherbet is), a reference to Cure Beauty's ice element and the edible thematic of Candy and Pop's names.