アンジェリア Anjeria
SeasonOlympus Pretty Cure
Eye ColorVermillion
Hair ColorBlack
Home PlaceOlympia
Japanese Voice ActorSanada Asami

Angelia (アンジェリア Anjeria) is one of the mascots in Olympus Pretty Cure. She is the guardian of the Carnelian Horoscorb and Hatoko's fairy partner. She ends her sentences with "~jeri"


Angelia is one of the more humanoid guardians, resembling a pale skinned archetypal angel with flowing black hair, feathered wings, vermillion eyes, and a carnelian red Virgo sign on her forehead. She wears a red dress and a black scarf fastened by a carnelian gemstone clip. There is also a bright white halo above her head.


Angelia is a pure hearted, yet headstrong. She is rather stubborn and would rather take things into her own hands instead of allowing others to do them for her. She is also fiercely protective of nature, particularly loving trees and hedges. Compared to Hatoko, she knows not to kowtow to others so easily and has no patience for compromises or those with loose ethics, believing that steadfast virtue is far more important than personal gain.

Angelia likes eating all kinds of fruits, mostly cherries and strawberries. She does not like carrots or durians however, and is put-off by some of her partner's choices in food.


Kaburagi Hatoko - Angelia acts as a servant to her partner, helping her in organization and with general chores.

Hebe - The two of them have shared a strong bond, because Angelia admires her principles and her steadfastness, but Angelia tries to get Hebe to realize that she does not need any protection.

Lord Cepheus and Lady Cassiopeia -


As a Horoscorb guardian, Angelia initially had no actual personality. However, she grew to develop strong morals thanks to Hebe's valiance and grew to love nature, often setting off into the forests surrounding her Horoscorb's sanctuary.



Angelia has the ability to cultivate an unusual type of fruit on any species of deciduous tree, using the light from her halo to nourish them. These fruits are prismatic in appearance and are stated to have extraordinary nutritional value. However, these fruits cannot be grown in mass quantities on Earth, because the inferior soil can only cultivate a single tree.

She uses these fruits in baking jelly-filled pastries that Olympians eat during festivals. They are kept as warm and fresh as the day they were made when wrapped in their tree's leaves.